Monday, January 22, 2007

Klias and Garama River Trip( Borneo)

Interested in doing some easy boat trip search for the Proboscis Monkey? Klias River is one of the place visitor can go boat cruising in search for this special primate. The monkey is one of few endemic mammals in Borneo, where only few places in Sabah can be easy access by tourist to see this monkey. Klias River is one of the easiest places to visit. It is only take about two hours drive to get there. The place was located south of Kota Kinabalu in Beaufort District. Tourist can either do the Klias River by just a day trip or staying overnight. Which is also possible to do where there are a few lodges has been setup for visitor to experience Klias. The Proboscis Lodge offers place to stay where from budget room to private room where bathroom are attach include air-condition. For day trip, their itineraries usually start at 1300hours pick up from their hotel in Kota Kinabalu then drive to Klias Proboscis Lodge Jetty. Light refreshment will be serve before depart for the river cruise at 1600hours. The durations of the boat trip normally about 3 hours and a half, where they will search for the Proboscis Monkey and other wildlife until sun down. Binocular are essential for this trip and a telephoto lens for anyone planning to take better picture of wildlife. When darkness comes, tourist will have a chance to witness the amazing flickering of thousands of tiny light on the mangrove trees created by the Fireflies. Back to the Jetty by 1930hours and dinner is serve at the Proboscis Lodge. After dinner then drive back to Kota Kinabalu. For the visitors who planning to stay overnight at the Proboscis Lodge, their itineraries is different from the day trip.
Usually for overnight trip is it departing around 1300hours from Kota Kinabalu and drive to Klias. For this trip instead of one boat trip, they will do two-boat trip where the first one is in the afternoon soon after arriving at the Proboscis Lodge and the second one they do it in the morning the next day. The fire flies trip usually done on the first day.
The food at the Proboscis Lodge mostly mix between Malay food and little bit of Chinese. They usually serve in buffet at many different choices of food. The restaurant was just where the jetty was. They also got a bar that serve soft drink and cold beer in a bottle. Klias is good for anyone who wants to get away from the city for a day or two. Trips are very relaxed enjoyable. Anyway insect repellent is very essential when going on this trip. Most local tour agencies do organize the tour one of it is Discovery Tour.
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