Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bajau Water Village

This Is the images i captured today at the Penimbawan Water Village.
This people has a very interesting lifestyle in that water village.
the Bajau Tribe is the second largest tribe in Sabah.
If you have a chance to travel to Sabah make sure you had some time visiting
this village. Very Interesting.


venusiaHanna said...

Hi Lance..i love all ur shot.nice angle,good perspective..b4 this have u get any education in photography?coz it seems like u are so pro.

hope can hear something from u soon..what camera do u use now?

+ Miss Shutter +

Jollence Lee said...

Thanks..No I never take any photography course. Self taught. every one can do it. Just need to be persistent and interest. That it

venusiaHanna said...

wahh..u are so talented..u can earn money from it..huhu.

got free time,just email me at

thx a lot!keep up the gud work!^_^

+ misS vENusia +

Jollence Lee said...

Thanks..please come visit my blog again. I will post some new thing soon.. :)