Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Borneo Steam Train

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For the train lover, this is one of the things

that they should not miss. Going on to the

only Borneo's Steam engine Train trip. The

train trip Start from Tanjung Aru Station to

Papar Town and return back. Guest on board

will have a chance to stop and visit Kinarut

town that used to be Called China Road but

due to the local people cannot pronouns

China road properly then Become Kinarut.

During the stop as well, guest onboard can

also visit the Chinese temple

Not far from the station.(20 minute stop).

Then continue to Papar town where another 20 minute

Stop, it is also place where the engine will go

on the turn table to be turn to different direction.

Heading back to Tanjung Aru station. Lunch will

be serve on board in "Tiffin" style.

Back to Tanjung Aru station around 1330hrs.

The Train is powered by charcoal. Currently there

are two engine that been use for the trip

That runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Currently the train service was stopped for 1 year

for repairing the whole rail line .

I will post in this blog as soon as they start to

run the steam train again.