Monday, June 18, 2007

My Dream Photography Trip

I always dream of going to many places just for
photography. Going to tick all the World Heritage
Site on my list, I've only been to one of the UNESCO
list..guess where? of coz it in my own country where
else, Mount Kinabalu. More to go on the list, most
wanted is Victoria Fall. Not just that
but also Africa it self is in my wish
list of photography dream trip .
How many of you out there have been
to Africa? I like to know your experience.
Well it because I never been there so
its good to hear a sort comment about
that place from some one who have been
there. Kindly post your experience in the comment
corner. I wish to capture a picture of this great cat.
This my favorite in my wish list. Another
one in my list is The Great Wall Of China.
I'm half Chinese but never beento China,
not even can speak in any Chinesedialect.
Well just under stand a little bit, just enough
to get by. TheGreat wall of China is
also one of the World Heritage Site . It is in my wish
list. Actually there are so many
on the list of UNESCO's World
Heritage Site. It is almost impossible
to visit all of it. unless if you have alot
of money to travel. I hope to sell more
on my print and travel the world but
I think thats is difficult to do if can't
sell many of my print. Well.. we'll see.
You can log on to if
want to know the Heritage Site list.
If you had any experiance visiting any of the world
heritage site please kindly share your experience
with us in here.

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Resonate said...


Im booked in for a trip over to africa early next year going near Central Africa's Congo Basin. I have never been but a close friend of mine has and all he could really say is he was totally awe struck and that he wishes he took more camera film lol, Was to be expected.

Jollence Lee said...

Oh that sounds good, that is a great place to go. I think you going have a good time there and oh bring alot of camera film.

Resonate said...

Trust me i will do =0)

Jollence Lee said...


hopeforafrica said...

my name is Mary, I'm Kenyan and would like to share with you about the beauty of my country.
Magical Kenya, Moments you will never forget.
Check me out on
See you there!

Pammie said...

hi jollence..

China is one beautiful country. i have been to the Great Wall a couple of years back and i must say the view is spectacular. recently i went back to china, but this time to Guangzhou. I highly recommend you to go to China! u wont regret it. I love travelling, and your travel blog is quite intresting.. do update on your travels ya!

Lance said...

Look like you really enjoying your trip in China. I love to go there.
I will keep updated my travel ok.
Thanks for the support.

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