Monday, September 10, 2007

Durian Season

Anyone of you have tried Durian? You can try Durian now if you are visiting Sabah. The Durian season started early this year. The people start selling on the side of the road since August. Now even more people setting up stalls for Durian. This picture I took it at Pekan Nabalu which is on the way to Kinabalu National Park. It is a normal stopping place for Kinabalu Park Day trip tour where the market also has stalls for handicraft. Basically in Sabah we have two type of Durian, the Normal Durian and a Wild Durian. The Normal Durian had a very strong smell where if you take it into a room with aircondition, the smell will stay in the room for a week. That is why its not allowed in the hotel room and coaches. The Durian was actually called as the "King of the Tropical Fruits" by Alfred Wallace. Find out by your self why he said so.

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